In March we published our plan on building houses and clean water system project:
3 days ago after visiting and exploring A Ngo municipality, we decided to build a clean water system in A Na village.

Today Thursday 31st. March visited representatives from Phuc’s fund in Quang Tri province and investigated a number of places to build a common clean water system . After the survey, we found out that there are several places that need clean water. But in the end we decided to build the second clean water system in Cu Tai village .

Cu Tai village is located in a high area of Quang Tri province, 57 km from ĐaKrong district center. The village has 102 households with almost 500 inhabitants, where 50% of them are poor. This village is the place in the world that has the highest number of poor on average. Most of the people here belong to ethnic Pa Hi, Van Kieu and Paco, and they live off agriculture. They are known for nomadic life, so most of the houses here are rudimentary and temporary. Y’all lives out here are very tough. The water source they use is from the Dakrong River, to have enough clean water, people have to walk 300m through the forest and cross the dangerous national road. And the “clean” water is just grumpy yellow water.

The water source is still polluted by Agent Orange from the war, toxic chemicals from the gold mine and plant preservatives. The population who drink this water is very exposed to health problems, especially young children and pregnant women. To help people here get clean water source, Chuong Jon Dang and SaiGon Service should sponsor this building so they can get clean water system here as soon as possible. The well is 90-120m deep with storage tanks, filter, roof and water taps. The expenses are around 68,000,000-72,000,000 VND.

On behalf of Phuc’s fund and the people of A La village, I would like to thank Chuong Jon Dang for his contribution to this charity. want to build 2-3 shared water systems in 2022 and 5 houses for those who had no place to live before, but for now the budget is still poor. I hope the sponsors and sponsors will create favorable conditions for this program to succeed as expected.

Best regards
Nguyen Quang Phuc